2012 Red Ribbon Week Pledges

Parents & Students, take the following pledge to say "NO" to drugs for Red Ribbon Week, October 22-26. Read and check the appropriate boxes; print this page; sign it; and bring it to your homeroom teacher. The team with the most completed forms will be awarded a prize.

Parent Pledge

I pledge to talk to my child about the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco abuse.
I will set a good example for my child.
I will monitor my child’s behavior.
I will set clear rules for my child and state the consequences.
I will always leave an open communication line between my child and myself in case my child needs to talk.

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Student Pledge

I pledge not to use drugs, alcohol and or tobacco.
I understand that drugs can lead to illness, jail time, and even death.
I will always set a good example for my peers.
I will not partake in any drug related festivities at parties.
I will call my parents and report any drug related issues I experience.

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